About Lovers Lights

Designer hand made recycled glass lighting

To be honest, no-one here is a huge fan of mass produced.  As an Interior Designer (10 years) I would always try and source handmade bespoke items for my clients as much as I could.  Finding bespoke lighting however, was always tricky, everywhere I looked there were lights that I’d seen hundreds of times before. Finding a unique chandelier for instance required a serious investment in time searching and often it carried a very hefty price tag.  I was actually looking for a light for my own sitting room when I had the idea to design my own style of chandelier.

It took a year from making the first prototype to our first launch exhibition and I’ve been creating individual lights for individual people ever since and it’s an absolute joy.


Peter Andre's Make Over commissions a Lovers Lights chandelier and shows how it's done


Do you make lights to match my colour scheme?

  • Yes I do.

Can you match the light to specific materials and textiles?

  • Yes definitely.

Do you make lights to specific sizes?

  • I can do, up to about 70cm – tell me what you need?
Woodland green bedside table lamp handmade recycled glass