About Lovers Lights

Designer hand made recycled glass lighting

Lovers Lights brings individual light shade to individual people! With a 10-year background in interior design and arts, Janis Haves uses her extensive experience to design and produce unique, bespoke works of art. Incorporating her passion for glass fusion and craft, Janis has made environmentally friendly, recycled chandelier lampshades and lamps, created to be an exquisite centrepiece to her clients’ living and working environments.

Having set up Lovers Lights as a solution to her own search for the perfect, unique light, Janis understands the importance of finding the right style and character when purchasing lighting. Lovers Lights aims to work with each client to create something unique to them, a true one-off!

All lighting is designed and handmade to order with care at the Lovers Lights Studio in South West London. Featured in a number of publications, including Homes and Gardens Magazine & Grand Designs, Lovers Lights ships worldwide, and enjoys working with a variety of clients, from individuals to interior designers and businesses.


Browse current designs or contact Lovers Lights to commission a custom-made creation designed just for you!

Peter Andre's Make Over commissions a Lovers Lights chandelier and shows how it's done


Do you make lights to match my colour scheme?

  • Yes I do.

Can you match the light to specific materials and textiles?

  • Yes definitely.

Do you make lights to specific sizes?

  • I can do, up to about 70cm – tell me what you need?
Woodland green bedside table lamp handmade recycled glass