Chandelier in shades of blue – using blue in interior design

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Blue glass chandelier lighting. Interior design using blue in room with blue sofa. Loverslights
This lovely fountain blue ceiling chandelier made from recycled glass looks very at home in this elegant room. Using shades of blue in interior design is always lovely.  I often hear that blue is seen as a cold colour but nothing could be further from the truth. Especially if the shade of blue contains a tiny bit of red for warmth, almost unnoticable but it makes for a subtle gentle shade that if pushed would veer towards violet but not quite.  It works brilliantly teamed with turquoise or Indigo.  Blue lighting and bringing shades of blue in a ceiling chandelier is interesting after all, the sky above us is also blue so there is a harmony in having blue as part of our lighting design.  As always making sure it harmonises rather than dominates the overall scheme.

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