Red and Scarlet in Interior Design and Lighting

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Designing a room with Red ceiling chandelier lampshade
A pair of three tier Lovers Lights recycled glass chandelier lampshade in shades of scarlet.











These two Lovers Lights red Scarlet Botanica chandelier lampshade look great in this bright white contemporary room.  One feature red wall provides the colour cue with some red also in play in the rug.  The chandelier lampshade take center stage though.  I love using red in interior design, it seems to always find its way into my own home in splashes using cushions, paintings, ceramics and rugs etc moving our vision around the room to create little points of interest. Red is a powerful colour that has always been associated with vitality and ambition. It is associated with passion, action, love and desire. One of the main effects the red creates is that it speeds up the metabolism and we find ourselves encouraged to speak and move faster. Red interiors create an invigorating effect making it easier for people to take action. Interior design and decorating with red colours make people to take chances and come up with decisions rapidly.



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