Paprika commission

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  This lovely chandelier (shown here in the studio) in shades of Paprika Red with orange tones is one of two make for my client Mr Brody in Scotland.  The chandelier lampshade were really pretty, lots of warm tones.  Hope … Read More

Chandelier in shades of blue – using blue in interior design

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This lovely fountain blue ceiling chandelier made from recycled glass looks very at home in this elegant room. Using shades of blue in interior design is always lovely.  I often hear that blue is seen as a cold colour but … Read More

Chandeliers in the making

    Organised chaos?  Lots of chandelier lampshade and lamps in the making for our lovely customers so we are busy busy in our bright and funky hayloft studio.  Just LOVE all the chandelier colours, sunflower yellow, flame with amber and tangergine … Read More

Sunflower yellow contemporary pendant light.

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  Lovers Lights sunflower yellow single tier contemporary ceiling light. Thanks to The Couch Potato Company (Twickenham) for the loan of the Shaggy Rocker and the cool multi directional side table.  Sea Urchin urn is by ceramicist Rob Wheeler.

Using Green shades in Lighting and Interior Design

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    Shades of the Woodland I love this Woodland green chandelier in this room.  Its just perfect, it has a really organic character and sits beautifully with the slightly bohemian feel of the room. Green has a strong affinity … Read More

News from the Lovers Lights Hayloft Studio

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            I love using this glass, such a treat.  Its not recycled but in this case I make an exception.  The iridescent colours are created by a coating of different oxides on the glass.  The result … Read More

Red and Scarlet in Interior Design and Lighting

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                    These two Lovers Lights red Scarlet Botanica chandelier lampshade look great in this bright white contemporary room.  One feature red wall provides the colour cue with some red also in … Read More